ruskin mill
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Because exceptional activities in exceptional spaces can transform lives

why we exist

Stories of transformation Britain has a wealth of old industrial buildings that need a new purpose in this post industrial age. We rescue and transform them so they can again become a vibrant part of their community.

By partnering with Ruskin Mill Trust we help create lively centres for special needs education, arts and culture, festivals, social enterprise and community. As well as buildings we help protect the landscape, with woodlands, farms, market gardens and a fish farm that is reputed to be the oldest in the country, all looked after though holistic, biodynamic agriculture. You are welcome to come and visit us at any of our locations in Gloucestershire, Stourbridge, Birmingham, Sheffield, North Yorkshire and Darlington.

The Field Centre atrium

The Buildings

Explore the history of the buildings that make up part of the Trust

The dye garden at Eyam Edge Farm in Yorkshire

The Land

Learn about the different kinds of land that we’ve transformed

Aonghus Gordon talking to a group of people at Ruskin Mill in 1985

Our Story

Explore the history of the Land Trust and its role in transforming sites around the UK

 Vital beauty and the enhancement of locality through the genius loci process